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Tale of Cinema / Geuk jang jeon (2005) 
16th-Oct-2007 02:08 am
Genre: Drama

Starring: Kim Sang-kyung, Uhm Ji-won

In Seoul, the paths of two men and one woman intersect and move apart from one another, centering around their love for cinema. A suicidal student meets a young woman who decides to follow him in his fatal gesture. Coming out of a cinema, Tongsu, an unsuccessful filmmaker, spots a beautiful young woman, and recognizes her : she is the main actress in the film he has just seen. The life of this wavering and distressed young man strangely echoes the one of the young man from the beginning.

If the subtitles aren't working:
1. Right click on the movie when it starts.
2. Go down to Subtitle Tracks.
3. Select English Subtitle Track.

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